My speech to mark the arrival of the new Speaker Nolin

Honourable senators, today, I am very pleased to acknowledge the appointment of our friend and colleague, the Honourable Pierre Claude Nolin, as the Speaker of the Senate of Canada.

Yesterday, we paid tribute to the Honourable Noël Kinsella, who has retired from his position as a senator and the Speaker of our institution. We talked about his many wonderful qualities. In a way, what we did was to point out just how big the shoes are that he left to fill.

Now that Senator Nolin has been appointed, we know that the right person was picked to take over for Senator Kinsella. Senator Nolin has many years of experience in the Parliament of Canada — both in the House of Commons and in the Senate — and has acquired a great deal of parliamentary knowledge that will surely help him to rise to the challenge of presiding over our chamber.

Senator Nolin is a man of great stature. He is very knowledgeable, of course, but he is also very wise. He is guided by unwavering progressive values of social justice, equality and democracy. He has proven his dedication and devotion to the Senate. By way of evidence, one need only reread the speeches he gave over the past year on the history of the Senate.

On behalf of all my fellow senators, I would like to assure you, Mr. Speaker, of our utmost consideration and cooperation.

As you know, the Senate is at a crossroads, and I am convinced that His Honour Speaker Nolin is the right person for the position and that he will do an exemplary job of modernizing our chamber and the way it operates. It is a new challenge and you are equal to it, Mr. Speaker. I hope with all my heart that it will bring you great happiness.

I congratulate you on your appointment and thank you for all the work you have done here to date and for all that you will do as the Speaker of the Senate of Canada.


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