Senate budget highlights continued fiscal responsibility

OTTAWA, February 26th, 2015 – Conservatives continue to lead the way on responsible financial management. The latest example can be found in the recently tabled 2015-2016 Senate Budget showing a projected reduction of almost 3 million dollars from $91.4 million this fiscal year to $88.7 million for the coming fiscal year.

“This budget is further evidence of our commitment to continue to try to find savings for Canadians,” said Senator Claude Carignan, Leader of the Government in the Senate.

“We have an obligation to Canadians to treat their tax dollars with respect, to use their hard earned dollars wisely and responsibly. They want us to live within our means, just as they do each and every day,” remarked Senator Carignan.

The savings of nearly 3 million dollars represents a projected reduction of 3% compared to the current fiscal year. Furthermore, it is 1.5 million dollars less than the last budget tabled by a Liberal dominated Senate in 2008 representing a reduction of more than 10% in constant dollars since the Conservatives took control of the Senate.

“Canadians deserve an efficient Senate and we will continue to work hard to deliver it. And our Government will deliver on its promise to balance the federal budget while supporting Canadian families,” concluded Senator Carignan.

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