Selection Process for New Senators

Question raised by the Honourable Claude Carignan on April 14, 2016

Hon. Claude Carignan (Leader of the Opposition): I have a supplementary question since the leader has thrown the door wide open on the issue of the website. It is a source of information, but the main source of information is the government. Since you have ties to the government, you could provide us with that information. For example, the advisory committee's website indicates that a nominee must own land or a building with a value of at least $4,000 when nominated, which was not necessarily the case, and which has not always been enforced, a decision that I understand and respect. However, there can be a discrepancy between what one may read on a website and the actual information from the government. As you are the Leader of the Government, we expect that you will give us the proper accurate information, which comes directly from the executive and not a website.

(Response to question raised by the Honourable Claude Carignan on April 14, 2016)

The constitutional qualifications for senators, including the property qualifications, are set out in section 23 of the Constitution Act, 1867 (the Act). The Act is the authoritative text for information about the constitutional qualifications.

As part of the Senate appointments process, due diligence is undertaken to ensure that all individuals meet the constitutional qualifications at the time of appointment.

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