Second Reading on Bill S-230 Drug-impaired Driving by Sen Carignan

Ottawa—October 20, 2016. Today the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate presents the second reading of his Bill S-230, the Drug-Impaired Driving Detection Act, in the Senate Chamber.

The Bill would modify the Criminal Code to allow for the use of roadside saliva drug-screening devices in order to detect and deter drug-impaired driving.

"This has become an even bigger problem than drinking and driving, and drug-impaired drivers are getting away with murder because police do not currently have the tools they need to test for drug-impairment by the roadside in Canada. The technology exists and other countries already have adopted this legislation. This is illogical. We must catch up to other countries and provide our police the tools they need to do their jobs to make our streets safer," said Sen Carignan.

Police organizations and many victims groups have come forward in support of Sen Carignan's Bill, with tragic stories of drug-impaired driving. With this Bill they believe Canada can help prevent the tens of thousands of impaired driving accidents that occur in Canada each year, including hundreds of fatalities involving children and families.

National and international organizations have called on governments to address the problem of drug-impaired driving immediately, especially as some countries are introducing new marijuana legalization legislation. In Colorado, drug-impaired driving cases jumped over 60% when marijuana was legalized.

"We must be prudent and act now to save the lives of Canadians, simply by equipping police with a non-invasive drug testing device that already exists and is not being utilized," said Sen Carignan.

”The right to safety on the road belongs to all of us. I ask that you support this Bill.”

Additional Quotes

“Canadians’ rights are not protected right now. Bill S-230 aims precisely at amending the Criminal Code to address these gaps and allow the use of a screening device. For the good of Canadians, I support Bill S-230.”

-Magali Cyr, pharmacist (B.Pharm), daughter of Michelle Mondat, victim of drug-impaired driving on May 29, 2005

“Action needs to be taken to provide the police with the necessary tools to investigate and prosecute drug impaired driving for a variety of drugs. This Bill paves the way.”

-Fred Makowecki, Chair of the Alberta Association of Police Governance



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