Senate Opposition Leader Carignan Welcomes Newly Recommended Senators

Senate Opposition Leader Carignan Welcomes Newly Recommended Senators

OTTAWA, October 27, 2016 – The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Senator Claude Carignan, on behalf of the Conservative Senate Caucus, welcomed the news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recommended nine new Senators today.

“I applaud the cultural and gender diversity of the newly appointed Senators and look forward to working with them,” said Senator Carignan. “I would be remiss however, if I didn’t point out, again, that the ‘new’ Senate appointment process has not been open, transparent or non-partisan as the Trudeau Government promised Canadians. The Prime Minister still could independently and very precisely appoint Senators that fit his Liberal agenda.”

Senator Carignan expressed dismay that the provinces were not consulted in the senator selection process.

“The Prime Minister missed a valuable opportunity to collaborate with provinces and to reinforce the power and influence that regions can have in the Senate,” said Senator Carignan.

In addition, since Confederation, Nova Scotia has always had at least one Acadian Senator. Prime Minister Trudeau has broken this convention and turned his back on Nova Scotia's substantial Acadian population.

“I will enjoy participating in enthusiastic debate with these new Senators, hearing their input on various issues in committees, and seeing the Chamber fill up once again with Parliamentarians who will fully serve Canadians with the various experiences and knowledge they have acquired.”

Prime Minister Trudeau promised Canadians that his Government would create a non-partisan Senate; we will be paying close attention to determine whether newly Trudeau appointed senators will be truly independent or if they will remain steadfastly loyal to the Prime Minister who appointed them.


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Office of Honourable Senator Claude Carignan, P.C., Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

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