The Senate National Finance Committee Amends Bill C-29

Senate Amends Bill C-29 and Returns it to the House of Commons

Ottawa, December 12 2016 – Today, the Senate of Canada played its true role in our democracy. Bill C-29 will effectively be amended to remove section 5 of part 4 which created an imbalance and favored banks over consumers. This government decision comes after several Senators, including Senator Carignan, said they were firmly opposed to section 5.

Senator Carignan was very active as part of the study on C-29. He believes this bill is the perfect example of what not to do in Canadian politics. “Our constitution is very clear in identifying provincial jurisdictions and federal jurisdictions. Bill C-29, through its Section 5, specifically allowed banks to avoid respecting various provincial legislations on consumer protection, which is simply unacceptable,” stressed Senator Carignan. The Leader of the Opposition then went on to say: “The Senate, while acting as protector for the provinces, has acted in the interest of Canadians. During the election campaign, the government promised to defend the middle class. However, with its Bill C-29 he clearly chose to protect banks at the expense of consumers! The government had no choice but to amend C-29,” said the Senator.

Senator Carignan’s message to the government: “You wanted a Senate that is less partisan, more transparent and more efficient, well, we are there now. The work which surrounded the study of Bill C-29 is an eloquent demonstration. You made the right move and you had the wisdom to show respect for Canadians and to humbly accept the amendment proposed by the Upper Chamber,” concluded Senator Carignan.


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