Senator Carignan to Table Motion Inviting the Quebec Minister of Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs

Ottawa, December 12, 2016 – On Tuesday, Senator Claude Carignan, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, will table a motion in the chamber inviting Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier, Quebec’s Minister of Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs, to present his observations on C-29 to a Senate committee of the whole.

During his testimony to the Special Senate Committee on Modernization on October 19, 2016, the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate spoke about inviting representatives from the provinces when specific issues concerning their jurisdictions are debated in Canada’s Parliament. This new practice would strengthen the role of the Senate as a representative of regions and give an additional voice to the provinces within this institution.

Putting words into action, Senator Carignan believes C-29 is intruding into provincial jurisdictions, an issue dear to Quebec, and that it is relevant to hear a representative of its government. “I am quite concerned about the consequences of C-29 against consumers, but I am also worried by the intrusion of this bill in provincial jurisdictions. Who can better discuss it than a provincial government representative?” said the Conservative leader. In addition, Senator Carignan insisted that he touched on the issue with the Quebec Minister. “In the last few days, I suggested this opportunity to Minister Fournier who immediately accepted to come present his point of view to Canadian Senators.” If the Senate endorses Senator Carignan’s motion, Mr. Fournier could testify before the Senate as early as Tuesday afternoon, December 13th.

Bill C-29 is a direct attack from the Trudeau government on the modern concept of co-operative federalism as defined by the Supreme Court. “In 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that while banks are federally-regulated, they are still subject to provincial legislation on consumer protection. Bill C-29 violates this constitutional interpretation in favour of banks and against consumers. It is unacceptable!” concluded Senator Carignan.


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