Senator Claude Carignan marks World Press Freedom Day

Senator Claude Carignan took the opportunity today, May 3rd, to recognize World Press Freedom Day. Launched by the United Nations in 1993, World Press Freedom Day emphasizes the importance of the media in our democratic societies and, especially, the importance of preserving and promoting the freedom of the press.

More specifically, World Press Freedom Day is a day to:

  • Celebrate the fundamental principles of freedom of the press;

  • Evaluate freedom of the press around the world;

  • Defend the media’s independence; and

  • Pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in exercising their profession.

This year’s World Press Freedom Day is highly significant for Senator Carignan, who tabled and spearheaded the passage in the Senate of his Bill S-231 to protect journalistic sources.

“I believe that freedom of the press is fundamental to a healthy democratic society that promotes openness within its public institutions and the accountability of its leaders. We must do everything we can to protect freedom of the press. In this context, my Bill, which is currently before the House of Commons, will protect journalistic sources and whistleblowers who enable the media to report abuse. Canada has a terrible record on the protection of journalistic sources. I invite my colleagues in the House of Commons to stand up for the freedom of the press and to endorse Bill S-231,” said Senator Carignan.


Source: Office of Senator Claude Carignan

Information: Jacques Hébert, Director of Parliamentary Affairs

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